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See beyond the surface with TurboAid

TurboAid is an interactive tool to help you see beneath the surface of your turbocharger spare parts.

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It is almost impossible to visually gauge the quality of your turbocharger spare parts. TurboAid allows you to assess the geometric qualities and clearances your turbocharger parts must meet in order to achieve high efficiency and safe operations.

Just minor deviations in turbocharger spare parts geometry and clearances can cause significant losses in efficiency with a high probability of turbocharger failure and in worst cases lead to fatal accidents. With TurboAid by ABB Turbocharging, you can assess the acceptable tolerances of your turbocharger parts.

Use TurboAid to see the difference between your ABB Original Part and a non-original part.

ABB OEM parts are precision engineered to specifically match the original specifications of your operating environment. This means you continue to achieve the original levels of efficiency and ensures safe operations.

The unique features of TurboAid

  • The Parts Deviation Calculator helps you understand the critical tolerances you need to maintain to ensure safe and efficient operations.

  • The GPS-based ABB Turbocharging Service Station locator helps you find your nearest ABB Turbocharging Service Station in real-time.

  • The References section contains valuable resources like Tips for Operators, Operational Manuals and video animations, putting the resources you need at your fingertips.

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