See beyond the surface of your turbocharger

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TurboAid allows you to assess the geometric qualities and clearances your turbocharger parts must meet in order to achieve high turbocharging efficiency and safe operations.

It is almost impossible to visually assess the quality of your turbocharger spare parts. Minor deviations in geometry and clearances can cause significant losses in efficiency and therefore increase fuel consumption, raising operational costs. Out of tolerance parts and geometry can also cause turbocharger failures and in worst cases lead to fatal accidents.

Why ABB OEM turbocharger parts?

Original parts for ABB turbochargers are precision engineered to specifically match the original design of your turbocharger. This means you continue to achieve the original levels of efficiency with ensured safe operations. The dimensional accuracy of turbocharger components is critical in attaining thermodynamic and aerodynamic efficiency, low rates of wear and operational efficiency.

How do you know your ABB turbocharger parts are genuine?

Ensure you source your spare parts directly from ABB.

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