Redefining turbocharging through digital

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Redefining turbocharging through digital


The rapid development in digital technologies is transforming the way we live and work. Broad connectivity, cloud and smart computing, sophisticated sensors and advanced analytics – just to mention a few – are opening up tremendous opportunities for optimizing industrial processes.

As ship managers and operators seek innovative ways to improve efficiency and reduce vessel-operating expenses, customer-centric and innovation-driven organizations are also seeking ways to leverage digital capabilities to create value.

At ABB Turbocharging, innovation is in our DNA. Therefore, continuously exploring new ways to help our customers do better and achieve more comes naturally to us.

The ABB Group having set the scene with ABB Ability™, strongly geared towards connecting our customers to the power of Internet of Things, Services and People – IoTSP, ABB Turbocharging is now well positioned to provide value-driven digital solutions that will allow our customers to harness the power of connectivity, data and advanced analytics.

When data meets analytics. Data is only valuable if it can be transformed into insights and the insights into enhanced solutions where and when needed. Using our expertise and digital capabilities, our customers can benefit from operational transparency and data-driven decision making to help them improve operations and performance. 

Higher availability and efficiency translate into increased productivity. With the help of online vessel monitoring and predictive support, vessel operators will be able to avoid unplanned downtime and benefit from higher availability through more efficient maintenance scheduling. Similarly, data-based operational support and remote support can directly translate into higher fuel efficiency.

Flexibility of operations. We thrive on driving value for our customers. The self-service digital app for our latest marine auxiliary turbocharger MXP was developed precisely with this in mind. The MXP self-service digital app allows our customers the flexibility to perform turbocharger maintenance themselves whenever and wherever.

Our digital vision is to create a collaborative partnership with our customers. Through two-way communications, data sharing and knowledge exchange, we create joint value across the entire lifecycle.

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